About Us

40 years of entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and perseverance, experience and knowledge of the product and its user.



Bassano del Grappa, a beautiful town in the surrounding of Vicenza, hosts one of the largest companies in the production of trekking and ski poles. It’s Masters, that in 2017 celebrated its 40th anniversary.
In this Company, values are firmly rooted: customer satisfaction and quality of the product made in Italy in the first place, as well as ongoing research and development and a strong corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment. A continuous commitment and dedication are the basis of the success of this reality.

Major brands in the sporting goods and not, rely on the Italian manufacturing company for the production of their customized poles.


Since February 1977 Masters has always believed in innovation, technology and safety; it also believes in creativity, respect for the environment and the strength of its team.

Proud to produce qualitative poles in Italy for every kind of activity that requires the use of these accessories: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, trekking, hiking, walking, trail running and nordic walking.


Masters takes pride in providing outdoorsmen with top quality products, but not at the expense of the environment. At the end of May 2011, we began utilizing our 99,9 kWh photovoltaic system. The 555 panels divided into 10 lines connected to respective inverters have been installed to produce energy equal to 115.000 kWh per year and save 80 tons of Co2 per year.

Common varnishes, screen printing inks and plastic parts are generally made of chemical compounds that are not biocompatible. However, that is not case with Masters’ poles. The company wants to create a biocompatible and valuable pole: the colors are completely lead free (Reference Norm. ASTM E 1645-1). A product complying with REACH norms (CE) n. 1907/2006.

We want Masters’ products to be a direct reflection of our deep respect for the environment and human health.