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Skiing and handle the Rapax grip will be pure fun!

The new Gryphon basket will give color to your slopes and the reflective Click glove completes the “plus” features of the models of this category.

Pole in 7075 aluminum alloy with 14 mm diameter and screw support with carbide tip.

Produced from 105 cm up to 135 cm.

Weight: 268g (based on 120 cm size)

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XC Race basket with carbide tip that guarantees an excellent grip on snowy and icy terrains.

The package consists of:

-2 XC Race baskets with carbide tip
-a cardboard blister with the characteristics of the product and its use
-a practical resealable bag

Technical data: item sold per pair.

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Basket ideal for frequent use on mixed terrains.

The package consists of:

-2 baskets in diameter 85 mm
-a cardboard blister with the characteristics of the product and its use
-a practical resealable bag.

The special plastics used in the production of our baskets guarantee durability and efficiency in all weather conditions.

Technical data: item sold per pair.

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The maximum evolution of technology.

New Sassolungo model is the result of many tests and developments made “on field” to obtain the first-rate performance ever in the trail running poles with fix measure: every single detail includes specific features that will make you feel excited, handling Sassolungo!

The Piuma grip in soft eva is highly manageable and super-ergonomic, together with its light strap without buckle to reduce its weight.

The pole is in 100% carbon fiber with ø 12 mm and its screwed support ends with a carbide tip and a part of anodized aluminum, because every single piece is important to define the final weight of this pole.

Available sizes: from 105 cm up to 130 cm.

Its total weight per piece is amazing: only 82 grams in the 105 cm size!

Equipped with: a pair of screwed baskets ø 55 mm.

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Perfect fit glove with reflective edge, equipped with Click system for a quick release from the pole.

The package consists of:

-2 Reflex Evolution Click gloves in Red version
-a cardboard blister with the characteristics of the product and its use
-a practical resealable bag

Size: S-M

Technical data: item sold per pair.

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In the foldable poles’ collection, this model is dedicated to the expert trekker.

Realized in Carbon fiber in 5 sections: 1×16 mm ø in Carbon fiber 100%, 1×14 mm ø in Carbon fiber 100%, 2×12 mm ø in Calu®, 1×12 mm ø in AluTech 7075. These sections are connected by the resistant rope that allows compactness when the pole is not in use. The rope can be easily fixed with the regulation system placed in the last section, in case it would be too soft causing vibrations to the pole’s balance.

Palmo Long grip with its soft touch allows you to hold the pole at different height without working on the new Wing Lock blocking system. The grip has light strap with minimal buckle.

Blocking systems are: Wing-Lock for the main section (which defines the high of the pole) and Push-Pull for the other sections. This last system is well-known in Trail-running poles models for its convenience and reliability.

The new blocking system Wing Lock is easy to use and facilitates an easy and quick adjustment of the pole. The new Tip-Top system of the support with tungsten tip is ideal to quickly replace the basket.

Measure: 40 cm closed – 140 cm maximum extension (120 cm the minimum).

Weight: 226g

Equipped with: a pair of top baskets Ø 85 mm.

Supplied with PA bag to replace poles after use.

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One of the most interesting novelties of Masters Winter collection!

Skimo Carbon is made with excellent 100% full carbon tube with an opaque 3K finish with 16 mm diameter.

The model, designed for ski-mountaineering, is equipped with B10 Cork grip plus foam extension with Comfort strap.

Skimo basket with carbide tip guarantees a good grip on snowy terrain.

Produced from 120 cm up to 150 cm.

Weight: 163g (based on 135 cm size)



This is the Rental model for children, realized to offer a balanced agreement between durability, style and practicality to be managed from Ski-schools/rental services.

Featured with the innovative Alutech 7075 Protek aluminum alloy with 16 mm diameter.

PROTEK is the new Masters exclusive technology that allows to apply the protective finish on the exposed surface of the tube, without adding weight to the pole.


  • Product longevity increased of 30%
  • High scratch-resistance
  • Anti-abrasion treatment
  • Possibility of customization

Assembled with 8.15 grip in PE and a simple black adjustable strap.

Screw support to easily and quickly replace old baskets.

Steel tip.

Measure: from 80 cm up to 100 cm.

Graphics’ color varies on the basis of the height of the model.