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Nordic Walking, a variation of the simple walk coming from the summer trainer of cross-country skiers using special poles, is a great help in postural re-education articulations. It’s ideal for who wants to lose weight and for elderly people. Poles used are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from trekking or ski poles they are equipped with gloves that allow to adopt a particular stance of your hands.

Indeed, when pushing, your hand isn’t holding the grip, but it is completely open with the palm turned towards the ground. When getting back, your hand hold firmly the grip in front of you.

If this exercise seems to be easy, just think that 5 Km can be covered walking at a steady pace with 7.000 steps so less than one hour, you should open/close your hands 7.000 times. An efficient pump effect for blood circulation.

A right exercise and Nordic walking poles reduce the load carried by knees by approximately 5% every step. This translates into Kg of weight even on 7.000 steps.

The technique also provides the “rolling foot” ( heel-sole-forefoot) and the articulations, pelvis and shoulders as well as a massage of invertebral spaces.

• Nordic walking helps you to lose weight. Indeed, it results in higher ( approximately 40% more) energy expenditure due to more calories burnt rather than when walking at the same speed.


• Nordic walking results in increase oxygen uptake than regular walking.

• Although energy expenditure increases when using poles, the perceived effort remains similar to that walking without poles.

• Nordic Walking reduces vertical ground reaction forces.

• The increase of energy consumption in Nordic Walking compared to a regular walking is due to a larger working muscle mass in the trunk and upper body.

• Nordic Walking increases stamina.

• Nordic Walking reduces anxiety, depression, fatigue and improves mood state.

• Nordic Walking is a safe form of rehabilitation for people with cardiac problems.

• Nordic Walking helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

• Nordic Walking is helpful for people with Parkinson’s Diseases and respiratory conditions.

• Nordic Walking reduces ground reaction forces and can help people with arthritis and osteoporosis.

• Nordic Walking increases immune system.

• Nordic Walking reduces ageing process.

• Walking with poles increases stability and coordination.