28 July 2015


Insert into News by Laura

Today there's our testimonial and friend Marco Zaffaroni at our headquarters

When we sign an appointment with Marco to discuss about the results of tests on our poles or to suggest some changes on them or to talk about future projects, we already know that time will run fast.

And this is it: Marco arrives on time as usual, ironic and with his strong personality, but always generous to smile with his face and his heart.

We talk about his past adventure during the Nepalese earthquake on April: he was blocked at Camp 1 on Everest mountain and from here, we start to know something more about his future project that we’ll present in the next months.

Next October a new travel to Nepal to visit Kalika Hospital in the Lowest Dolpa: fortunately, the Hospital didn’t suffer so much the consequences of the earthquake, but it needs a continue and constant support of money and material to give the possibility to the persons in charge to offer an acceptable medical service.

We only have to wait for next developments and support Marco in his projects, not only during his “adventures in tripper style” reaching the 8000 around the world!

(pic: Zaffaroni with MASTERS owners, Paolo and Laura Zaltron)

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