26 March 2018

A new challenge for Umberto Camuffo, Sales Manager, that spent with us 11 years

Today we say goodbye to Umberto that is leaving our offices, after a professional growth and a personal support last for 11 years: a period that marked the growth phase of Masters brand with his personal participation in the front line.

“We want to thank him for taking up his career with us, integrating fully in our vision of team, where sharing of goals and desire to always improve are the basis of the work we do daily, to better our products and the service we offer to our customers. We wish that his new adventure will be exciting, as expected, and we are sure that it will not be a different geographical location to feel us apart from him.” CEO, Paolo Zaltron, greets him.

Umberto thanks, replying: “I spent entire days in this company, I worked a lot and I’m proud of it, because I know I built something good. In Masters company, I have been able to work with serious people, capable, willing and with a great sense of belonging to the Company. Outside, I’ve created an excellent network of customers and contacts. Together, we’ve brought new ideas and approaches, which have projected us into a dimension of high quality and that has allowed the recognition of esteem and competence achieved at national and international level.”

And now we are ready to greet him: we’ll knock the wood for you, Umberto!

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