28 July 2014


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Milan, July 27, 2014 - We needed the Tri@MI to have sunshine. The competition, which saw its startup in the waters of the Naviglio Grande with the starting in batteries and a large public come to watch the challenge of five hundred triathletes.

The first to cross the finish line was Manuel Biagiotti, athlete of Friesian Team, who stopped the clock at 1:51 ’19” 70. “I am very happy and proud to have won this race organized by my own team – told the winner – and I do also my compliments to them, because it is not an easy task to prepare a race of olympic triathlon in a city like Milan”. The young athlete lead the race already in the second transition area from the entrance, the one between cycling and running on foot, distancing the young Australian Caleb Noble (born 1995!) for a minute. For Biagiotti not only his name in the gold book of Tri@MI but also the title of regional champion Lombard. To close the podium his contemporary, as well as team-mate, David Bargas, who finished at just less than two minutes behind the winner.

In the women’s race Elena Casiraghi won the competition with a time of 2:10 ’35” 25, after the jury was expelled from the ranking the Argentina Romina Biagioli for irregularities in the membership Fitri. The Milanese athlete glowing for a well-deserved success, told with pleasure the fraction of podismo: “It’s been improved compared to last year – said Elena Casiraghi – more I have saw a good response from the public that, if initially seemed surprised to see this type of race through the streets of Milan, in the end it activated into cheering and applause. “Behind the winner, Claudia Bordiga came with three minutes late, while the third step of the podium Daniela Ferrari that marked the time 2:17 ‘: 35” 08.

A success from the organizational point of view that projects Friesian Team and A&C Consulting already in the third edition of 2015, when the race will be included in the calendar of the Expo in Milan, a unique opportunity for the triathlon made ​​in Italy.


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