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How can I visit MASTERS web site?

Visit our web site is easy and quick! In the top menu you will find the pages we have dedicated to the history of the Company, to the protagonists of our ProTeam section and a quick way to contact us. Selecting from this menu PRODUCTS, you can, looking at the menu on the left side, have a look to our actual collections and, entering them, find the details of every single product. Furthermore, in our HOME PAGE you can read the latest news from our Company Blog and, if you want, visit it in order to be always keep up to date with MASTERS’ reality and not only! Finally, selecting the red trolley symbol at the top of the page, you can enter our Virtual Shop, and check the availability of the articles in our warehouse.

Does MASTERS have any testimonials?

Yes, in our PROTEAM section you will find people and teams supported by MASTERS, you can look their pictures and read a short summary about their sporting activity.

I would like to contact MASTERS, what have I to do?

Please fill the form you will find in CONTACT page with your data and requests and then send it to our attention.

I would like to have a look to your latest catalogues, what have I to do?

The catalogues of our latest collections are easy downloading in the DOWNLOAD section, by selecting the icon of the catalogue you are interested in. You can also print the full catalogue or select some pages and print and consult them when you prefer.

I would like to see MASTERS’ products one by one, is it possible?

Sure, in the PRODUCTS section you will find all the artcles of the latest collections  with a connected page containing  an enlarging picture and a complete technical description.

What do you mean with the little symbols I find at the back of every article?

Symbols describe the technical features of pools: from the used material to the possible extension or available sizes, from the weight to lots more. Symbols also describe the category the product belongs to, like for example racing, sporting, junior…

I’m visiting the site and I would like to be directly connected to MASTERS virtual shop. Is it possible?

Yes, you can be easily addressed to MASTERS Virtual Shop by a click on the red trolley icon. Furthermore, if you are looking at a particular article in its technical description page, click on the red trolley icon on the right top and  you will be directly addressed to the home page of MASTERS vitual shop, for a quick and convenient shopping.

I’m interested in MASTERS’ articles and I don’t live in Italy. What have I to do to find the articles in my country ?

In the DISTRIBUTORS page you will find the worldwide distributors of MASTERS’ products. You will easily find the referenced retailers for your country and address them your request.

Materials and Technology

Which materials are used by MASTERS in creating the collections of pools?

All products are realized with strengthened shafts, checked one by one from special automatic machines and from the ability and experience of our technicians. Our collections introduce models realized in aluminium alloy 7075 (used in aeronautical field) and in alloy 5083, while some models are realized in alloy 6013. Since the beginning of 2012, we have introduced an important news in the research of materials, with the development of the technology of shafts made in carbon and fiberglass in different averages, with 3K finishing which highlights the carbon structure. All tubes are tempered, to be able to offer only a safe and durable in time product, as well as an article able to guarantee lightness, resistance and the right balance in the carbon version.

Are MASTERS’ collections made in Italy?

Our collection are completely designed and realized in Italy. For this reason we can guarantee a research in design and a technical updating in the creation of our range of products.

How can I calculate the right size of my pool?

Please visit the dedicated web page, where you will find the measurement tables. Check the correspondance between your height and the sport you want to play and find the exact size of your pools.

What is CALU?

CALU is the right answer to the desire of low weight combined with maximum strength. CALU is composed by a core of the highest strength aluminium and a most superb quality of woven carbon-composite. Out-performs is full –carbon in all its aspects and it has the same weight. But the weakness of full carbon, or carbon-composite used alone, to absorb diametrical forces, has been eliminated by Bi-Material CALU, which is the result of several years of research. Carbon cannot take diametrical forces because it will split. The diametrical forces are what a telescopic pole has with the locking system. CALU, in fact, is a Bi-Material tube, with the both materials fully integrated: it combines the properties of highest possible tensile strength, with extremely high bending resistance against break (tensile strength test gave a result of 70 kg/meter) ensuring a longer life time of the pole! The product is environmentally safe and free of heavy metals and polycyclic aromatics (PCA) as often found in Carbon and Carbon composites.

What kind of varnishes are used by MASTERS in painting?

The common varnishes, screen printing inks and plastic parts, are generally made of chemical compounds not biocompatible. These elements are out of organism’s life process and environment and they are not convertible in “green” elements. Instead all MASTERS’ products respect the environment and human health. Using FT “Food and Toys” colours and other no- toxic materials, the Company wants to create a biocompatible and valuable pole: the colours are completely lead free ( Reference Norm. ASTM E 1645-01) and they comply with the requirements of the “Consumer Product Safety Act” (CPSA) Regulation Title 16, Code of Federal regulations Part 1303 (total amount of lead lower than 600ppm, i.e. 600mg/Kg). MASTERS has set itself the task of creating a range of colours able to grant an excellent technical and aesthetical quality, safeguarding the ecosystem and the health of individual during the production, the use and disposal. A production completely in line with REACH (CE) n.1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) the new European Union Legislation for chemical substances and their use. Substances, in terms of REACH are chemical compounds that are obtained by any manufacturing process, including any component to preserve its stability and any impurity derived from the manufacturing process. Respecting this legislation MASTERS meets with success excellent goals, without recourse to petrochemical compounds and without phasing these hard elements in the nature.

Which materials are used to produce MASTERS’ grips?

The research on MASTERS’ grips involves different materials. They are various and designed to satisfy the needs people have during the sporting activity. In the technical description of every single product you can find a reference to the material used, along with the instructions for a correct use. From the soft foam of free-ride grips, to the natural cork used in some trekking poles, MASTERS looks for the best and more confortable materials.

What kind of plastic parts are used by MASTERS?

The plastic parts in MASTERS’ products (rings,expanders, expander supports and tips) are resistant to thermal shock, to weather changes and frost, thanks to the excellent overall performance of the engineering polymers at sub-freezing temperatures. In fact, DuPont® materials guarantee their performance to -50° plus than +40°.

What do you mean with BS BLOCKING SYSTEM?

BS is a blocking system realized with DuPont® plastics andit is represented by the red expander. It guarantees its performances for a long time during temperature changes.

What do you mean with Super Blocking System?

An extremely safe locking system. The best in the market. TÜV tests shows as each expander SBS is able to bear more than 106 kg. Try to image which weight it can hold up with a pair of pools equipped with this exceptional system! Realized with DuPont®material tested to -50°.

What do you mean with Automatic Stop System?

A help in your safety. The strap, using a stop mechanism, is simple to adjust and easy to lock in the correct and most comfortable position. Furthermore, in case of falls, the strap automatically unlocks freeing the hand and avoiding possible injuries to the wrist.

What do you mean with Kompressor Antishock®?

A patented system placed in the grip, which permit to reduce every rebound, especially if used while descending: the system is equipped with an inner block for the use on incline while, if you activate the shock absorber, the shock in descending is reduced.

Which are the features of MST Race strap?

The maximum of comfort and performances. The strap is simply to regulate and to adjust, thanks to the closure with Velcro. An ergonomic design with right/left strap that well suits the natural form of wrist and hand. Non allergic padding without sewing.

What do you mean with Screw System?

Screw system is a new concept of tip support, realized with the best DuPont® material. It permits to change baskets in a faster way, thanks to a screwing system. It has been developed to be applied to many models of our collections.

What do you mean with Clip-Basket System?

Thanks to the particular baskets structure they can be “clipped” together, to permit an easy transport of pools.

What do you mean with RBS Replacement Basket System®?

This patented system enables you to remove and change the baskets in different size, easily and quickly: lifting the red support after having turned the basket until the right grooving, you can change it and place it in its support.

What do you mean with CSS Cushioning Spring System?

The new Antishock system CSS “Cushioning Spring System” matches Kompressor Antishock®technology with the commonly diffused technology, placed near the blocking system (inner and outer). MASTERS has evolved the system starting from the original patent and avoiding to connect the adjustment of sizes through the ON/OFF of the antishock system (CSS). In this way the safety during the regulation of the height is guaranteed, while the cushioning system is still working! To lock the system, you need to push the first section firmly and turn it anticlockwise, while to unlock it again, you should simply turn lightly the first section clockwise.

Which is the right way to choose baskets?

Small baskets ø 55mm are suitable for frozen snow and trekking during spring and summer time, while ø85 or 95mm are usually used with powder snow.

Is there any collection dedicated to women and children?

Sure, MASTERS have designed and created poles, helmets and goggles dedicated to the feminine universe and to the younger skiers and hiking lovers. You can find them in every collection, with specific features and a particular care in choosing materials for junior products.

Why MASTERS’ collections are divided into categories?

MASTERS has designed and realized a range of products suitable at any levels. The names given to the various typologies of products indicate the special category they have been designed for and near every single pool there is an indication for its correct use. MASTERS would like to stay closed to sporty people so, for a better knowledge, articles have been divided into categories.

Which benefits could I have using MASTERS pools?

MASTERS pools reduce the impact on the knee, hip, ankle joints, leg muscles and lower back. They even help to distribute the weight of heavy packs and help people with balance and stability issues. They give you an upright walking position and this can improve circulation and reduce heart rate. Using trekking poles, you can reduce the pressure strain on the opposite leg by approximately 20% and, when used in descend, you can reduce pressure strain on the knees by an average of 25%. Used when walking on level ground, you can reduce the load carried by the legs by approximately 5 kg every step and if used when walking on an incline, you can reduce the load carried by the legs by approximately 8 kg every steps. Furthermore, they have an endless miscellaneous use, like splint in an emergency situation and can be used with certain types of tents and tarps.