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Art. 01S0216

Realized for an expert and enthusiastic hiker, that's a pole from the high potentiality.

It's been included into the Trail Running line due to its high techinical features, but it's of course well suitable for an extreme use of daring trekkers.

Assembled in three sections (ø16-14-12mm) in Calu® - core of aluminum alloy and a superb quality of woven carbon - can guarantee lightness, strength and bending, this model is assembled with Palmo grip with the new matched colored strap with its soft absorbent inner material.

The blocking system Clamper is easy to use and helps to adjust quickly the pole, as for the screw system of the long support with tungsten tip, which is ideal to change easily the basket in the wished diameter: the package includes a pair of baskets in ø 50mm.

The pole measures 66cm closed to achieve 130cm in the maximum extension, whereas its weight per pair is 430gr.