8 March 2011

MERELLI: next expedition

Insert into News by Stefano

We want to share with you the message received from our friend MARIO MERELLI, Italian Alpinist.

It’s a great pleasure to receive news from our friend Mario Merelli, Italian Alpinist, because he’s able to communicate his enthusiasm, love and passion for every single action he makes: even a simple training session on the snow has a special taste! In the e-mail, he defined us his next expedition which will start on April 4th: the “White Mountain”, the 8.167 meter DHAULAGHIRI. The 7th highest mountain in the world, the only one entirely place in a single Nation (Nepal), part of the Himalayas chain, 35 km Est from Annapurna, shared from this last “giant” by the valley Kali Gandaki. Dhaulagiri was first climbed on May 13, 1960 by members of a Swiss/Austrian expedition.

Now it’s Mario’ turn! In the next days, he’ll come and visit us, so I’ll post you with some curiosity before his leaving for the next adventure.

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