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    Founded in 2004, this group of atheltes is acting its dream of a life, becoming actors of their passion: sacrifice, perseverance, release to achieve the goal through trail running and ultra-trail running.

    In 2016, it starts the technical collaboration with Masters: the company supports these French and Basque athletes in their sportif tasks giving them products every day more oriented to meet their needs.


    Yulia, born in 1983, she’s part of the Team Vibram as her teammate Stefano; she’s a woman of extreme emotional sensitivity, but at the same time she has also a very critical sensibility for a technical support to develope our trail running and nordic walking poles.

    She joined our Masters’ family last May 2019.

    Here her FB profile.


    Gregoire is the last ultra-trail runner joining Masters’ family, but the first placed at La Diagonale des Fous 2019, second placed at the 100 Miles of Istria and fifth placed at the TDS-UTMB, all these in 2019: “young” French athlete, 1990, declares to be very attracted by our products and he’s alreaady training looking at the next goals with Trecime Fix model!


    Stefano, born in 1982, is the ultra-trail runner that arrived 7° at UTMB last 2018, is part of the appreciated Team Vibram: thanks to the team manager of the team, he had the opportunity to test our poles and felt in love with our Sassolungo model.

    Now Masters athete from last April 2019 to test and develope the trail-running poles collection where safety and reliability are at the top of the priority.

    Here his FB profile.
  • SAS Snowsports Academy San Marino

    The Academy was founded under the aegis and patronage of F.S.S.I “Federation Sammarinese Sport Invernali”. The need to strengthen an identity which is already recognized globally was the motivating force behind launching this new and important initiative.

    The first activity carried out was the research and analysis of the most notable sporting realities and winter tourism industry. Examining later the various patterns of teachings.

    Thanks to result the team could afford to form a training and a teaching staff able to select and train up professional people officially recognized on international level.

    The attendance at SAS courses enables the student to obtain the qualifications of: Ski Instructor I° – Ski Instructor II° – Ski Instructor III°.


    Date of birth February 14, 1975

    Nickname Cala

    Sports Highlights: Ama Dablam, in solitary, from base camp to the summit and back in 27 hours, without oxygen; Manaslu ski descent; Cho Oyu without oxygen; Mezzalama trophy with placings in the thirty; trail: 1st at the trail of Aschero , 3rd at the trail Soglio mountain, 5th at Gran Trail Valdigne 100 km. Most of all, past Aug 19th, 2015 he achieved the last summit that gave him the Snowleopard Award!

    Hobbies: traveling and making new experiences in remote countries and possibly with skis. Looking for new mountaineering feats. Enthusiast of photography climbing and steep skiing.

    Ambitions: …he is working on them…


    Danilo, born in 1975, is an enthusiastic mountain and sports fan, he practices some trail-running competitions, but his main activity is trekking which accompanies him almost all year round. During the winter season, he engages in ski mountaineering and from this year also with cross-country skiing, all sports that require a lot of effort and energy, but that give him a lot of satisfaction when he reaches the peaks.


    New entry 2019 in the Masters’ Ambassador Team. Born in 1966, from Marcheno (Brescia), Luca reached 1° place for his category and 6° overall at Tor des Glaciers 2019: the incredible challenge of 450K, one of the races of the event Tor des Geant®. After only one month, Luca reached 14° place overall at UTLO 140K. In 218, from August 27th and September 13rd, he gained the finish line of PTL® and Tor des Geant®. Could we add something more?


    Date of birth: March 16, 1978

    Nickname: Teocalca

    Highlights: crossing on skis from Mont Blanc to Ventimiglia; extreme steep skiing along the most beautiful lines of the Alps (Les Courtes, Lyskamm, Breithorn, Mont Blanc, Tour Ronde, Marinelli, Lourousa). He skied and climbed on volcanoes in Chile, on 4000 m in Morocco, the mountains of Iran, on 6000 m in Peru, on the deep powder of the United States and on the fjords of Norway.

    Hobbies: “skitrotter”. At the same time, he developed a passion for photography, both analog and digital, to be able to tell whenever the beauty of these places.

    Ambitions: continue to ski and travel up to 90 years old.