30 October 2012


Insert into Curiosity by Stefano

Due to the collaboration as main sponsor at the Dart 18 World Championship, Masters had the possibility to meet new friends.

This is a comment received by Mr Markus Gysi:

“… about our (Marianne an me’s) hiking-trip with the brand new Dart 18 World’s hiking-sticks. We testing them about a mountain walk to the ‘grossen Mythen in Central Switzerland. We started our two-day-tramp from ‘Aegeri’ (724 m.o.s) over the ‘Hochstuckli-Hangenegg’ (1’414 m.o.s) to ‘Brunni’ (1’100 m.o.s). There we slept. At the second day we get up to the Mythen (1’898 m.o.s) and from there down to ‘Schwyz’ (450 m.o.s). We are excited about this sticks, especially for down-hiking. The sticks are very griffin with the cork-handle an the weight is o.k. Also the turn-adjust worked very well…only one thing: the sticks couldn’t shield that we had two days later a big stiffness in our thighs!!”

Markus Gysi, Dart SUI 7841

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