27 April 2016

Masters e Team Garmin Adventure: importanti passi insieme!

Insert into Top-Stories by Laura

Week-end full of satisfaction for Team Garmin Adventure: from MIUT Madeira Island Ultra-Trail to Trail-des Balcons d'Azur Mandelieu, Caums brother and Germain Grangier obtain the podium.

Past weekend gave great successes to Team Garmin Adventure athletes.

Sebastien Camus achieved second place to MUIT, Madeira Island Ultra-Trail with a track of 115 km and a 7.000 mt D+ and 600 participants!

His brother Sylvain attended Trail des Balcons d’Azur Mandelieu and achieved second place on TBA of 47 km and 2.200 mt D+; on same track, their team-mate Germain Grangier obtained first place.

Sebastien used – in some part of the track – our TRECIME Carbon poles: a specific product realized for ultra-trail runners, due to its lightness, reliability of materials and compactness.

We are proud to have been partially part of his performance and supported him! Congratulations guys!

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