26 November 2014

MASTERS Poles since 1977

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“The public can criticize your product. They can challenge the data of your company. but they can not deny your story.” Cit. Ann Clark

Masters is a family-run business, born in 1977 thanks to pains and business capacity of the family man Renato Zaltron. The founder had undeniable capacities and spirit of initiative that surprised the sport sector. Maybe the economic situation in the world was different, you can say. Probably. But with him there was also the willpower of creating something new, becoming bigger and see the fruit of the job, pains, sacrifices and also some doors shut in the face.

The economic situation in our “ Bel Paese” country was different more than 30 years ago, it is true that nobody award you nothing and the distrust in new business structure like start-up, was enormous! Especially when there was talk of a single individual, able to see things in a different way than the competitors and with a great instinct for business that makes him unpredictable and almost incredible.

From local company to an international business. From small accessories supplier for ski poles of prestigious brand, to big manufacturer of complete ski poles, cross country poles, trekking poles and nordic walking poles, realized with high quality materials.


The pole seems to be an easy product. But a lot of people don’t know that the production of a “simple” ski pole or trekking pole needs several developments and tests of materials. Masters, as per company policy, uses only the highest quality materials, like aluminum 7075 and 5083. Thanks to its technical staff has been able to specialize its production in other materials such as patented CALU and carbon, getting the first positions in the pole producers’ ranking.

Thanks to dedicated research, development of new products that meet market demands, to the capacity to give the best without ever having any compromises, has meant that the company of Bassano del Grappa has been able to face with a global economic crisis, without this was detrimental to its product.


1977 – Mr Renato Zaltron found the Company, initially launched in the accessories and pole’s components. Right from the start, his customers were the most important and well-know brands worldwide.

The 80′s – Masters attended one of the first edition of Ispo Monaco introducing a small collection of multicolored poles with a pretty simple silk-screen printing, getting a good success.

1989 – Masters still was a small company, with limited resources. An American customer, among the most famous in America and in the world, sees in Masters the right partner, allowing the breakthrough that will then bear fruit for all the years to come. After a check with managers of American brand, taking advantage of systems and recovery equipment, in only three months Masters produced something like 110.000 pairs ski poles. Facts and opportunities came one after the other without breaks due to an important acquisition too.

1990 – A famous Italian company decided to close the poles’ s line as unproductive. A lot of companies proposed themselves like buyer. Masters, however, again this time, has the best by proposing to dispose of stores through a processing account of a year. Gets so a production of 150,000 pairs of ski polesby halving the warehouses and earning profit of goods sold. Goes on to acquire all the remaining material and all the machinery for the production, from the transfer to the screen printing machines.

1994 – Masters developed its first trekking poles collection thanks to several innovation and patented systems designed by Mr Renato Zaltron in the 90′s.

2002 – The first nordic walking collection has been introduced worldwide, a discipline growing to international level.

2006 – Masters’ turnover is steadily undergoing a strong growth and development phase with a big record in this year. With the increase of production is necessary a financial plan to expand the floor area with additional 1.000 sqm – total 3.500 sqm – and in the research of materials to satisfy the demand of new products.

2008 – Masters get the worldwide exclusivity rights of Calu® material by which the top models in the summer and winter lines will be developed.

2011 – New partnership start-up with an internationally renowned Korean supplier for the carbon shafts production. Masters, already well-known in the aluminum offer, intends to achieve a success even in a new lighter range of poles able to satisfy the field’s needs introducing a brand-new Nordic walking poles collection equipped with avant-garde accessories.

External locking system Clamper’s presentation, by which the new trekking collection 2013 will be equipped.

2012 – Seeing the big summer success obtained with carbon shafts, Masters developed a cross country poles line to meet the professional athletes’ requirements, improving the collection with high-performing accessories.

Masters celebrates its 35th anniversary opening the doors to new business. Important and famous brands of sports industry became part of Masters’ world motivating the research in new technologies.

2013 – The company suffered a significant loss: the founder Renato Zaltron passed away.

Today Masters is one of the largest companies in the production of ski poles and trekking poles. Its good reputation is constantly growing thanks to research and development and the beginning of important partnerships. As each company environmentally aware, Masters has for natural tendency, a sharp look to the future due to a sensible source of innovation: the attention to detail.

The sons, Paolo and Laura, have led new ideas, adventures and inspiration while continuing with the guide values of this Italian company – values like integrity, respect, fairness and trust.


MASTERS in the 1977

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