23 March 2012


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ITALIAN EXPORT-GLOBAL CRISIS 1-0 Creativity and uniqueness in choices overcome global crisis in the field of export. MASTERS' reality shares the winning qualities of 'Made in Italy'.

Italian National newspapers have released in these days the news that Italian export is overcoming the internal crisis situation. Considering the last tumbles of global economy, Italian export has reached a 5% increase in comparison with the rate of the last year, and it is interesting to note that the growth reaches the 44% if we look to the East Asia market.

In this economic reality MASTERS introduces its products, its technology and above all its innovations. If we actually look at the report released by Italian press, the main positive reasons of this export increase have to be researched in two key words: imagine strategy and technological updating, two basic features of the global worth chain.

MASTERS introduces the reality of its export considering above all innovation as a chance the company has to bring forward the opportunities offered by foreign markets and, at the same time, to be ready to deal with them.

Finally we have to notice the importance of the creative factor as a value applied to MASTERS’ manufacture. A value which turns itself into a point of force in this positive historical moment Italian export is living.

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