8 April 2015


Insert into News by Stefano

Our testimonial started the Himalayan expedition towards the highest mountain in the world!


Reach the summit of the Everest is a challenge and an important goal. He has to climb 8.848 meters exactly but he will have a pleasant company with his friend Roberto Boscato and a sherpa.

Himalaya in his heart

Nepal gave a lot of emotions to our mountaineer and particularly he is fond of this land because he supported the building of a hospital in the region of Dolpo, “Kalika Family Hospital”, with the Italian Charity “La Goccia”, the Nepalese “Focus” and especially with his friend and companion of many adventures Mario Merelli, passed away in 2012.

Is it possible to be informed on the expedition?

Yes of course, there is a blog and it will tell day by day what happened in order to live together this travel!

Link to the blog:

Masters wishes good luck and we hope in a happy ending with the reach of the summit!

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