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• The most part of Masters Trekking poles are made in aluminum alloy 7075 F56: the best in term of resistance and long duration. Besides the Italian producer gives a second option with patented bi-material CALU®. Its functions are surely an efficient alternative to carbon: same weight but an high tensile strength.


Original locking systems: the patented BS “Blocking System” and its evolution SBS “Super Blocking System”. Both are guaranteed by DuPont®

• The new CLAMPER locking system, quick and easy to adjust, even when wearing gloves.

• All grips are designed by Masters and realized with no-toxic materials in full compliance with human health and the environment:

Several materials are used:

1. Cork, this resists moisture from sweaty hands, decreases vibration and best conforms to the shape of your hands.

2. Foam, this absorbs moisture from sweaty hands and is the softest to the touch.

3. Rubber, this insulates hands from cold, shock and vibration, so it’s best for cold-weather activities.

Straps. Most poles allow you to adjust the length of each strap in order to get a comfortable fit. Masters patented Automatic® Stop system strap is faster and will also break away in the event of a fall to avoid wrist injuries.

Supports and tips. Patented RBS® “Replacement Basket System” enables you to fix the most right basket in an easy and quick way. Or the screw system. both made of plastic materials guaranteed by DuPont®.

• The best in term of quality and long duration, at a reasonable price!