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The most common complaint about trekking poles is that the locking mechanism will sometimes slip during use. This can usually be prevented with regular cleaning and drying of the locking mechanism. This maintenance also helps to add significantly to the lifespan of the poles by preventing internal corrosion.

Here is the general procedure:

1. Completely separate the sections by unlocking.

2. Once the poles are dismantled, remove any dirt or moisture from the expander system and the seams between sections.

3. Use a soft cloth to dry the connection points and the inside of the poles as much as possible. If necessary, use a soft nylon brush to remove any dirt or debris that may have gotten inside the poles.

Note: Never use any kind of lubricant or alcohol-based product on the internal mechanisms as that could cause corrosion.

4. Inspect the expander pieces for damage and replace parts if necessary.

5. Once you have dismantled and cleaned the poles, allow them to air dry for at least several hours before reassembling.