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The benefits of using Masters trekking poles.

1. Reduce the impact on the knee, hip, ankle joints, leg muscles and lower back.

2. Help distribute the weight of heavy packs.

3. Help people with balance and stability issues.

4. Improved stability and safety for tasks like.

5. River crossings, crossing soft ground, moving over loose and uneven ground.

6. Give you a upright walking position improving circulation and reducing heart rate

7. Have endless miscellaneous uses: splint in an emergency situation or used with certain types of tents and tarps.

8. The “rhythm” created by walking with poles can lead to relaxed, more regular breathing and increased stamina.

9. Reduce the pressure strain on the opposite leg by approximately 20%

10. When used on descents, reduce pressure strain on the knees by an average of 25%

11. Used when walking on level ground, reduces the load carried by the legs by approximately 5 Kg every step

12. Used when walking on an incline, reduces the load carried by the legs by approximately 8 Kg every step

13. This translates into tonnes of weight even on a two hour hike