8 July 2014

Cala Try again!

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The cute and charming mountaineer born in 1975 is not going to pass up the honor Snow Leopard.

The upcoming departure of our dear friend Carlalberto Cimenti, nickname “Cala”: the “Snow Leopard Award” is a Russian award mountaineering, recognized since the days of the Soviet Union to those who reach the five peaks above 7,000 meters, which are situated on the territory of the ex CCCP. Since 1981 the award has been given to only 567 climbers. And no Italian name on the list!

The first expedition of Cala dates back to last year, when due to the weather condition was forced to leave to two peaks on the success: the 7493 meters of Pobeda and the 7495 meters of Communism Peak. To sweeten the pill of this matter, the facts show that the two peaks have remained untouched throughout 2013.

The Pobeda, the most northern 7.000 of the world, is the most difficult of the five mountains for its isolated location. To reach the summit it takes 5 or 6 intermediate camps. The most challenging part is a long ridge about 12 km from 6.900 meters of the west tip to 7.493 meters of the peak.

The Communism Peak, also known as Ismail Samani Peak, however, is the highest mountain in the Country that must be faced from a base camp located at 4.200 meters, reached usually by helicopter: its difficulty is due mainly to the many seracs, crevasses and bridges of snow.

Cala will leave on July 10th until August 19th to complete his project.

In the months before he trained a lot, with mountain races alternate between long sessions to mountain biking and stays at high altitude, with a first phase of acclimatization in Italy on Mount Blanc.

As already happened in the past, Cala will face the adventure also through the use of the skis, so as to speed up some traits. At his side will be: Masters for the poles, Ferrino for the tents and clothing, Cebè for glasses and Blackcrows for skis.

Once back in Italy, he will participate on September 7th at the renowned “Tor des Giants,” a trail of 330 km, which will wind along the entire perimeter of the Val d’Aosta.


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