23 December 2014


Insert into Curiosity by Stefano

This is the story of Andreino Zonta, a citizen of Bassano del Grappa with the power to complete important excursions.

This great man completed a new excursion on long distance realizing again his big dream to be an explorer, it doesn’t become a job but the adventure spirit is still remained despite that.


Andreino wanted to mix two spiritual travels: Via dell’Angelo and Cammino di Dio realizing a total itinery of more 5.000km, a big challenge!

The long way started in France with starting line at Mont Saint Michel, the famous mountain surrounded by the sea that with low tide is linked to the country, then he arrived to Italy, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and at the final destination Israel, with finish line Gerusalemme near to the Wailing Wall.


Andreino is very satisfied about the happened journey, despite the age he put himself to the prove and overcame also bad moments, nothing stopped him.


The awareness to do this travel and finish it, a big dedication and the faith, always a help and support for him in his life, gave an extra oomph to make possible this touching travel.

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